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NEW : Jennifer Lawrence’s interview with E! Online at the X-Men premiere. 

I can’t watch it! Can someone upload it on YouTube? Please!!

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Anonymous asked: am i just paranoid or whenever we get some speculation that Josh and Jen could be in the same place that literally the next day we get proof they aren't, we can not catch a break ugh








It sucks but don’t lose faith!

I’ve oddly noticed this as well, and it does suck, but yeah don’t give up on Joshifer. They share so many lovely moments together, and soon of course we will get all the Mockingjay promos and tours and such. At least we have something to look forward to :)

There just seems to be a conspiracy against any Joshifer being noted or shown unless it’s LG approved!!! Anyone else think the same???

I had the same thing with “you know who” Just when I would think there is no proof they are together a photo would show up with him in ‘S” or I would think they broke up and then boom pics of them together. Its like the publicists read tumblr and have to throw crap out there to ruin it for us!

Thanks! It’s not only me who thinks this! And think idealfry and others think the same way too! When ever anything Joshifer-like starts to build it always seems like Jen and Josh w their SO immediately drops out of the blue!

haha, Thanks for mentioning me baker. I wrote a ass long theory over the same post, apparently I was half right, as it seem that Josh was on his way to Spain when Jen’s clubbing in London. I got a feeling the publicists of all 3 parties are involved in whatever the shit was going on when come to joshifer and their s.o rumors. The Jen’s pic and Josh’s two tweets are very misleading as to make ppl think where about they were and LG seem to kept the week long break a top secret as well so it would give both of their leads time to form a plan to just sneak away without getting harassed by paps, and the plan worked perfect. I’m 100% sure all of the joshifer buzz crashing timings ever since the GG award are no coincidences, their publicists are definitely constantly check on social media and forming plans to their client’s benefit. I’m just pretty pissed that not only was NH’s PR team are the main party involved(i believe that majority of the plan were setted up by NH’s PR team as the person whom has gotten the most of the benefit from those PR stunts is NH, not Jen, not Josh), but in some way both Jen & Josh’s publicist were involved as well which just made their fans look stupid.

Anyhow, I’m just hoping that they gonna be back in ATL by Thursday or Friday. It suck eggs whenever they’re doing these kind buzz killing misdirection games on the whimper of NH’s PR team, even though we all expecting to see Jen with her bf sometime but not in the way and the timings they showed up all of the time. I have never really bother about the Voldie but the hold that NH has over Jen just really bothered and worried me for joshifer. I just can’t see Jen ever leave NH unless he dump her again, which I just don’t see he ever will from PR point of view. The fact is Jen can only fully break from NH’s emotional hold over her until she has the courage to think over what does she want out of their relationship: does she love him enough to marry him, and picture herself having a family in U.K? or does she picture herself with someone else to have a family back home in Kentucky? If she loves someone else does she have enough courage to finally leave NH? For joshifer to happen the main initiation need to come from Jen and that’d be the hardest part as I think Josh’d dump the Voldie on the drop of the hat if Jen ask him to be with her!

As for the London paps thing, I have to say from a famous Hollywood star’s privacy concern: what the fuck do you expect by going to the most paps camped spot in London and to the most notorious club for celebs that wanted to get their paps pics taken?! That club was one of the dirtiest strip club in London and I need to question NH’s decision of taking her there in the 1st place and Jen’s own judgement by even agreeing to go there, where were their publicists when they decided to go to that club? No one would ever believe that at the least NH wasn’t expecting the paps gonna be there!! It has PR stunts written all over the shit situation!! I sincerely hope Jen will realize from her experience on Saturday night that she is no safer from the paps in England or anywhere in Europe than in L.A, she need to grow up and realize she is no longer that Kentucky girl just fresh out of Hollywood and no one give a hooha about her, she is the Queen of Hollywood now everywhere she goes will be followed and harassed, and by following NH’s plan doing whatever he asked only for his benefit and go wherever he’s taking her will never ever not get paps - wake the fuck up girl, that’s exactly what NH wanted, to get his name and face mentioned on tabloid mags/papers and over the internet as the bf of the most famous actress in the world, and to showed off just how devoted you are to him, and how much control he has over you! God, will she ever fucking learn?! I’m just about had up to here with all of these PR bullshit, if Jen doesn’t wake up to the situation she has been putted in by NH’s PR team soon!!

I’m with you idealfry

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But the thing that cemented her status as coolest co-star ever was when the two were shooting in his hometown of Philadelphia and decided to go to a Halloween party “at this house in the middle of fucking nowhere,” Cooper says. The Sexiest Man Alive dressed up as an ape; Lawrence, a fat witch. “She went up to a guy who was a Michelin Man, equally as fat as she was, and she just started riding him. It was so hilarious,” says Cooper, practically giggling at the memory. “And he just wouldn’t have it. The Michelin Man was having none of the fat witch.”

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